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Revised 16/03/2003 .

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This is the place to come for all the latest news from around the Clubs.
If you have any news that you'd like us to feature on the site, then please feel free to send it in and we'll do our best to get it on here for you... 

It's An All Scotland Event
Scotland Scottish Championships
12th APRIL 2003
The date for this year's big event stays at the 12th of April 2003, the big change however is that, due to the establishment of the C.M.A.A. National Championships taking place later this year, it would be best all round if we in the North, concentrated on our very own Scottish Championships - this is the return of the much loved annual event, and will be the main event in the Scottish Calendar. Every student is entitled to, and should, enter for the Competition - it's going to be a great experience for all the students who take part, and GSR has just announced that Andy Morrell, the President of the C.M.A.A. will still travel up to attend the event as our guest... so the message is, 
...make sure you get your name in fast! 
If anyone's been wondering why the site hasn't been updated much recently, then here's your answer - for the past few months, those of us who have been preparing for our Black Belt exam, have been putting in lots and lots of training.

It was 4 hours of very very hard work.....phew!

Click on the picture to see the the photos.


Yet another honour was bestowed upon our Chief Instructor, Gordon Scott Russell, this month, when the internationally renowned "Fighters" magazine featured an in depth interview and centre spread feature on him.

Make sure you check it out.

Click on the picture to see the full article.

Carstairs branch brought yet another guest instructor in to teach a 3
hour class on Sunday December 15th at Carstairs Village Community Centre.
The guest instructor for this session was ju jitsu black belt

The focus for the session was mixed martial arts and Vale Tudo. Students were
drilled in striking, takedowns and ground fighting techniques under Paul's instruction.

Click on the picture to see the photos.
November 2002 Gradings - Pics.
Huge congratulations to all those students who successfully graded recently at the events held in Blantyre and Carstairs.

sparring1.jpg (14785 bytes)     Group1.jpg (13628 bytes)     sparring2.jpg (14291 bytes)
Pics are from the Carstairs event.

The Coaches were all very impressed by the exceptionally high level of skill shown this time around. So despite our Chief Instructor being taken unwell at the Blantyre event, students can rest assured that their efforts did not go unnoticed. 
Again, well done everyone.
The E.F.K.K.I. go truly International
K.I.C.K. website Click on the picture
to check out the 
official site of the
Gordon Scott Russell, Chief Instructor and founder of the E.F.K.K.I. has been asked to join the advisory committee for the Middle East division of the
Karate International Council of Kickboxing.

The American based Organisation are dedicated to the development of martial arts worldwide, and the post could well see our top man jet setting around as he has been asked to cover both Tehran in the middle east and also western Canada.

Gordon said "My job will involve acting as the official representative for K.I.C.K. in Scotland and giving advice on all sorts of association issues - if they're planning to try different things, they'll consult their representatives for advice".

In return, Alireza Fadaie Khoi 2nd Dan who is the Tehran representative for K.I.C.K. will become the E.F.K.K.I. representative for the area and we are extremely pleased to welcome him to the team.

Gordon said of him "Alireza is one of a few international contacts we have established since the establishment of the website and over the last month or so we have established a really good rapport. The K.I.C.K. organisation is an extremely professional outfit as you'll see if you check out their website, and I'm chuffed to take up the position and also to welcome Alireza onboard".

Training with Ian "The Machine" Freeman
Click here to see all the course photos.
At a recent course held in Meadowbank Sports Centre, our two most senior instructors, showed their determination to continue to learn and develop their skills by attending an extremely tough 4 hour training session with British Ring Rules No Holds Barred Champion, Ian Freeman.
Click on the picture above to see all the pics from the day 

To check out all the information on this incredible fighter, please follow the link to the official site of 
"The Machine" Freeman.

Let's take the lead from our Instructors.....  Always look to keep practising and learning.....




The selection of G.S.R. to act as advisor to K.I.C.K. is great recognition both Gordon and our Organisation.

This is wholly due to Gordon's reputation as an excellent martial artist who has single handedly been responsible for the creation and development of the E.F.K.K.I.

 This is a great honour, and should be recognized as such.

Make sure you check out the Special feature spread on Gordon in next month's issue of Fighters mag.


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