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Revised 24/06/2017 .

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Sensei Gordon Scott RusellLet me personally welcome you to Elite Karate...

In joining the Club you will be embarking on a journey into modern martial arts, drawing on both traditional and contemporary techniques from Thai & Kickboxing to traditional Karate styles, resulting in a practical and effective defensive system.

Like most things in life, I believe martial arts should progress. After all, if you bought a new car or computer, you would expect it to perform better than your old one, because the new design will be based on things learned from the previous versions. In this respect, martial arts are no different, things are continually learned and improvements can always be made, and practitioners and instructors alike should recognize the need to update their art.

It is easy to fall into the trap of continually wanting to learn new techniques but forgetting to update what is already known. You should look at everything you see and everything you are taught, when you find something that works better than what you are already using then keep it and adapt it to suit you personally. Just like the designers who strive to update and build better cars and computers, you should always strive to update your art.

I believe that martial arts instructors should take a lesson from these designers and should always be trying to update their teachings and adapt them to suit each of their students' personal needs. After all, people come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and abilities. The instructor's priority, must always be, to equip. them with a practical range of techniques that can be combined into a personal but effective fighting system. Only then will the students begin to gain confidence in their own abilities.

You will also be making a commitment, both to yourself and to the Club. A commitment to devote time and effort to your physical and mental development, helping you to become fitter, more confident and more aware of your surroundings. Above all, you will be instructed in a code of disciplined conduct.

The information contained in our site, will provide you with a basic outline of our Club. Everyone at Elite Karate would be glad to see you join us on what is, a long and rewarding journey.

Gordon Scott Russell


Training twice a week shows dedication and determination.
This is essential for students holding advanced grades.

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