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Revised 23/03/2003 .

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More information on your Instructors and Coaches

gsr_Image1.jpg (86011 bytes) Top of the tree, Gordon Scott Russell 4th Dan, is the founder and Chief Instructor of the E.F.K.K.I. He has almost 30 years continuous experience in martial arts and he has recently been the subject of a spotlight feature in "Fighters" magazine.

Gordon is experienced in addressing large groups in a seminar environment, and is available for consultation on a wide range of areas e.g. occupational safety, personal safety/defence etc.

  A full resume of Gordon can be found in our "Our Chief Instructor" page

James Doolan 2nd Dan, is the Instructor at our Carstairs and Carnwath Clubs.

After Gordon, James is the most experienced and qualified person within the E.F.K.K.I.  He is currently a British Full Contact Kick-Boxing Champion.

He is also a qualified Progressive Fighting Instructor.

You can contact James direct on:

0792 949 7714

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Image1.jpg (12994 bytes) Archie Munro 1st Dan, (Yours truly) I'm the Instructor at the East Kilbride and Blantyre Clubs.

I also teach a Kids Class on a Saturday morning, where we have a great team of kids, excited keen to learn and get involved.

For my sins, I also take care of the website, so if you have any particular questions about the site, or about the Club, you can contact me on:

0791 991 5045
Natalie Ward 1st Dan, helps coach at our East Kilbride and Blantyre Clubs.

She is a former British Under 16 points fighting Champion who particularly enjoys training in Kickboxing.

Natalie enjoys helping others in their training and helping teaching the Club's Kids, of which we have many.
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Michael Shields, 1st Dan, enjoys training hard when he can and also helps out with Coaching the Kids at the Carstairs and Carnwath Clubs.

 Michael is now of age to be referred to as a full Coach, and as anyone who knows Michael will tell you, he's proving to be an excellent Coach and a fine asset to the organisation.
Grant McGregor, Veteran's Black Belt, is the assistant Coach at our East Kilbride Club and also at our new Kickboxing Class, just getting running in Sighthill, Glasgow.

Grant enjoys training in Full Contact Kickboxing and Coaching the younger kids through the important early weeks/months of their training.

Grant can be contacted on:

0790 095 7172
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stevesuit.jpg (14274 bytes)
Steve Davies, Brown Belt 1st Kyu, is the assistant Coach at our Ashgill and Blantyre Clubs.

Steve also holds the position of Club Co-ordinator.

Steve can be contacted directly on:

0797 328 1777

K.I.C.K. Middle East

Alireza Fadaie Khoi

Born and bred in Tehran, Iran, Alireza is the youngest director of K.I.C.K and started karate when he was 6, learning the principles and basics of "Shotokan" and "Shito Ryu". He then started training in a very powerful form of karate, ,"KyoKushinkai" and earned knowledge and rank over the years while serving his Shihan as an assistant instructor. He has constantly developed his skills and was, in time, promoted to 2nd Dan in Kickboxing and 2nd Dan in Full Contact Karate, in both of which, he is a certified instructor.

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